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S-Patch Cardio

A solution that provides ECG analysis through cloud-based wearable device and deep learning algorithms.

ECG innovation for cost-efficiency and convenience

S-Patch Cardio is an analytics solutions for cloud-based electrocardioegram monitoring by utilizing S-Patch, the next generation’s wearable electrocardiogram monitoring device.
Patients can wear the device and experience electrocardiogram with the improved convenience. Hospitals can carry out fast and accurate diagnosis without initial investment.


Learn about Cardio, which monitors heart disease with the ultra-light S-Patch by watching video.


Next Generation wearable device (S-Patch)

Ultra-light (8g) wearable device with 100 hours of continuous monitoring on a single coin battery. Increases arrhythmia detection by performing long-term examinations allowing patients to continue with their normal daily lives.

Cloud-based ECG* web portal

AI analysis-based cloud portal and dashboard allows faster arrhythmia detection. Patient-triggered data combined with AI analytics helps to provide comprehensive analysis results and new insights for clinicians. *ECG(Electrocardiogram): combination of electro + cardio + gram, which means an inspection to show the electric signal of hearts with wave forms by recording the signal on the body surface area.

Mobile/Gear Apps

Transfer data easily via Bluetooth and enjoy an intuitive UX/UI that allows symptoms and activities to be easily recorded. Patients can enter symptoms with one click and register activities with detailed inputs. The diary menu allows for tracking symptom history during the test. Data can be automatically sent to the cloud portal immediately after the test has been completed.

AI-based ECG Analysis report

Clinical reports are generated through AI algorithms and provide meaningful results analysis for clinicians.


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S-Patch Cardio