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Nemoto - Ziosoft 3D Post Processing Contest

Have you maximized the unique features of your Nemoto Contrast Injector such as Body Weight Protocol or iCalc
in reducing contrast for your patients?
Is your 3D Workstation fully maximized to create the best possible images?

Now is the time to show off your clinical image processing skills!

Contest Mechanics shall include the following:

Organ of interest – LIVER STUDY
CT Machine Model
Scanning Parameters (kv, mA)
Contrast Concentration
Contrast Volume
Nemoto Injector Model (Single or Dual)
Nemoto Injection Protocol (Body Weight Protocol, iCalc, Manual etc)
3D Software used

This event will start this month of September 2024 and all entries will be sent for evaluation
at the Nemoto and Ziosoft 3D Head Offices in Tokyo, Japan.

Cash prize awaits winners for 1st up to 3rd place.

Ziosoft sample post processed images

Submission page will be open soon. Be ready with screen capture and video rotating 360 degrees. 

Please visit this website page for futher updates.