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Medequal Systems and Supplies, Inc. further diversified its expertise beyond the implementation of innovative technologies through E-NNOVATION CONSULTATION believing that innovative thinking plays a crucial role in developing the mindset of advancing healthcare through the rigors of innovation. 

 These consultative services emphasize the discipline of Process, Product, and Business innovation and its wide range of engagement in the areas of customer journey analysis, ideation, and scaling up in the realm of digital adoption in healthcare.

Consultancy Health IT Pharmacy Nursing OR Radiology



Analyzing the journey of any persona and identifying their pain points is key information in creating a tailor-fitted digital solution in any process in the healthcare enterprise.

Asset assessments and prioritization of workflow that contribute to the growth of the institution are key initiatives that will be focused on during the series of engagements.

Applying the discipline in the areas of process, product, and business innovation are essential to the success of the engagement.


Health IT Solutions

Diversification strategies in these areas are the next growth frontier in the digital realm of healthcare:


A wide array of comprehensive digital equipment and accessories to complement any existing or new imaging modalities that continuously add value to any radiology department:

  • 3D rendering software
  • Constrast Injector
  • Dicom Printer
  • Disc Publisher
  • DR Panel
  • GE RIS, PACS, Cardio & VNA
  • Mammo Workstation
  • Medical Grade Display
  • MRI Accessories
  • Radiation Dose Monitor

Operating Room

Enabling growth opportunities in the realm of digital integration of various video and imaging modalities in a unique setting such as single or complex digital operating room environments.

Nursing Section

The continuous discipline of the Five (5) Rights of patient care in the nursing department, is exemplified by the enabling technology of Barcode Medication Administration (BCDA) using the GS1 standard attributes to eliminate potential medical errors.


The company also provides standardization of barcoding format to all incoming and outgoing drugs of various packaging in order to have a consistent, streamlined and exact inventory of all medications within the hospital.

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