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IRISPowerscan™ captures the data from any incoming document and integrates it automatically to your business applications.

  • Scanning & Sorting
  • Indexing
  • Quality control and validation
  • Processing (OCR, Document Creation & Compression)
  • Export to any system

Simplify your Document Capture Process

With our scanning and data capture software, managing your documents is easy as pie! IRISPowerscan offers you the following options:

Text recognition (OCR)

IRISPowerscan uses the full potential of OCR. With just one click, you copy text to an index field. You can then automate the data extraction anywhere on the page, based on search criteria.

Intuitive interface

With IRISPowerscan, you can now create, open, or save your documents with a user-friendly menu. Simple navigation also lets you scan, view, and manage your documents. Finally, you can also use advanced options to customize your projects.

Data extraction

Users can teach the software to locate information with an indexing key in a document, remember its location, and extract the corresponding data in future documents, thereby reducing document processing time and making the indexing phase easier.

Document separation

IRISPowerscan files your documents in no time at all! The software uses a variety of techniques to automatically sort your incoming documents, such as with bar codes, patch codes, OCR/ICR areas, keywords, color detection, regulation expressions, and more.


IRISPowerscan ensures connectivity with your files, email, printers, and document management software. Also available: IRISConnect dedicated connectors to SharePoint, Therefore, FTP, ODBC, CMIS, and cloud services (Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and OneDrive).

Bar code recognition

IRISPowerscan guarantees the recognition of more than 60 types of bar codes, regardless of where they appear on the page. The presence of multiple bar codes on a single page is also supported. Bar code content can also be used to rename or separate documents.


  • High-speed Scanning
  • Data Extraction and Document Indexing
  • IRIS Fingerprint™
  • Form Processing Automation
  • Integration and Export

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