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Medicate preoccupation, the illicit relocation of medicine pharmaceuticals, may be a quickly developing issue. In specific, the burglary of controlled substances from therapeutic squander plays a key part in increasing the supply of illegal drugs within the lanes. The integrated system WasteLog™ gives a straight forward and compelling way to screen and defend disposed of opiates from surgical strategies.


  • Vital component of Diversion Prevention programs
  • Measurement graphics available for qualitative analysis
  • Allows customers to calibrate new drugs themselves
  • Validates controlled drugs not consumed in the OR
  • Non-destructive: sample available for follow-up testing
  • Averts more elusive diversion attempts with data analysis


  • Efficient tool for screening your waste
  • Provides additional data into your data analytics software
  • Quick, reliable and easy to use

Take your data further, discover malicious trends

Apart from instant validation to discover the immediate illicit handling of unused narcotics, WasteLog™ measurements can be transferred to data analytics tools to provide additional advanced trend analyses that help discover more elusive or sophisticated attempts at drug diversion.

How it works

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