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Rods&Cones is a remote assistance solution for medical environments.

Using our smart surgery glasses and digital remote assistance platform, users can connect safely with an assisting surgeon, product specialist, or medical professional anywhere in the world, in real-time.

With Rods&Cones you will have a better view than if standing in the OR.

Our purpose is to be a catalyst of change in healthcare to improve people’s lives.


Time & Cost Efficient

No need to rush to the hospital on an emergency. You can log in remotely from home and have the same view as standing in the OR giving support to the surgeon.


Collaborate with front runners in your field, location is no longer an issue. You can log in from anywhere and contribute.


Share your knowledge by training other people in your team. Giving you the confidence to get connected remotely while being by their side every step of the way.


From surgery assistance to remote proctoring; using Rods&Cones’ remote assistance services, healthcare professionals can demonstrate or attend live surgeries giving them a close up view without the need for a production team. Moreover, our pragmatic solution can be used across a wide range of medical services.

Rods&Cones has also been found beneficial in rural healthcare, by providing external expertise to help save more lives.

Field Surgery

Rods&Cones offers a compact solution to healthcare teams in areas where there’s a shortage of medical experts.
The remote assistance services provided by Rods&Cones are constructed to be valuable for the defense industry and NGOs as well.


Our portable plug and play technology is extremely easy to set up and operate – completely adaptable to any devices and software in the OR.



A convenient carry case that charges your Rods&Cones devices and keeps them safe as well.


Connect a second video feed to your remote experts’ OR broadcast: including x-rays, heart rate, ultrasound, and more.


A webcam device enabling a 360-degree view of the OR.


Our signature smart glasses give remote experts the same view as the surgeon.


  • Give a remote expert the surgeon’s view of the OR, as well as the opportunity to communicate directly through audio and chat
  • Connect an x-ray, heart rate, ultrasound, or any other video source to securely broadcast live images from the OR to an expert anywhere in the world.
  • Provide a secure 360-degree view feed of the OR which can be controlled by a remote expert.
  • Broadcast the view of the OR to a large audience, in a controlled and secure way, with our webinOR application.
  • Charge all your Rods&Cones devices in a single, secured, fan-cooled chargOR carry case.

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