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Smart Shot Alpha

A new standard in contrast delivery systems
A high resolution LCD with touchscreen allows intuitive operation.
Simplifying the overall operation enable safe and reliable injection of contrast medium.

Dual Shot Alpha 7

For greater ease of use and better image scanning. The new Powerhead has been ergonomically designed considering every detail during the products use, matching the product for the objective. This has made possible extremely intuitive and simple operations, significantly enhancing the user confidence during operation.

Nemoto Inclusive Technology

  • Extravasation Detection System

– EDS is a detection system used to detect extravascular leakage of contrast medium, Using infrared light.  This product technology is an attachment for a nemoto injector. And not recommended to use with other injector. 

Two options possible when extravasation is detected:

  1. Injection stop automatically
  2. Injection does not stop automatically
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  • Body Weight Protocol

– Body Weight Protocol refers to the patient weight. And it will automatically calculates the flowrate and vtbi based on his/her weight.

  • iCalc

– The iCalculator is designed to calculate the amount of contrast dose to be administered based upon certain values input by the medical practitioner.

Values of:  Heart rate, Body weight, height