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Beyond Advanced Visualization

Ziostation2 provides a comprehensive multi-modality advanced processing and viewing solution across various clinical specialities. Increase your efficiency through powerful advanced visualization tools and customizable workflows for better patient outcomes.


  • 3D Analysis 
  • Pet/CT Fusion
  • Multi-Modality Fusion
  • Viewer
  • CT Subtraction
  • 4D Analysis
  • Advance MPR Batch
  • Multi-Data Compare


Hospital Liver Entry


4D/5D Advanced Processing and Invivo Viewer

Ziosoft offers an unprecedented “real-time” journey through the body non-invasively, supporting applications such as precise surgical and radiation therapy planning for a wide variety of organ targets – brain, lungs, heart and beyond. PhyZiodynamics, an advanced 4D processing system, allows the automated registration of DICOM-based modality images into true fidelity 3D and 4D organ data sets which can be interactively interrogated throughout the entire structure while either still or in motion.

Key Features:

• Proven image noise reduction enabling low dose choice
• Deformable registration motion coherence with multi-data auto registration
• Dynamic, true fidelity 3D/4D
• “Real-time,” interactive interrogation of ROI – still and in motion