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Cardiac information management witha friendlier EMR integration

Why administrators, IT professionals and clinicians love MUSE™ NX

Building on 50 years of ECG innovation, MUSE NX facilitates decision making for physicians, simplifies department management for administrators, and makes integration and security easy for IT. Learn more about how every department can benefit with this trusted cardiac data management system.



Facilitates decision-making through trusted
algorithms and clinical tools that help you:

  • Read ECGs and review prior exams.
  • Access ECG´s through any connected device –
    anywhere, anytime.
  • Predict, detect, interpret and
    manage cardiac disease


Manage your department more effectively:

  • Automate orders and billing and reduce
    paper processes.
  • Visualize workflow and quality issues to
    improve service line performance.
  • Help the team focus on patients, thanks
    to easy access to a longitudinal view of
    patients’ cardiovascular history.

IT professionals

Discover an IT-friendly solution that
makes it easy to:

  • Integrate with existing EMRs to
    transmit ECG information and make
    it accessible practically anywhere.
  • Guard data as it travels throughout
    the facility.
  • Authentication measures to
    control viewer access.


Cardiac information management with a friendlier EMR integration

Easy Integration

Enjoy new capabilities and a user interface that help bridge the gap between vendors, modalities, clinics, hospitals, care areas and the entire enterprise.

  • Import and view any study type from any vendor.
  • Reference the patient’s complete cardiac record.
  • View studies anywhere across
    the hospital IT network.
  • Manage and maintain MUSE NX with ease.
  • Improve efficiencies in your facility with
    MUSE™ ECG insights.

Enhanced Security

It’s a balancing act to implement the most advanced clinical tools and connectivity for physicians while keeping patient data protected.
Fortunately, with MUSE NX, you can be confident that cardiac data will be guarded.

Defense in Depth
Multiple layers of protective features integrate easily with existing
security infrastructures to help:

  • Address HIPPA and GDPR compliance requirements.
  • Track who is making changes to patient data
    and when.
  • Manage user access and profiles with
    LDAP directory services.
  • Keep out-of-network users from breaking in,
    thanks to encryption and institutional
    patching policies.

Trusted Clinical Tools

The cardiac management system that facilitates decision-making through trusted algorithms and clinical tools.

Tap into tools that have been peer tested.
No other cardiac management system can boast the power of GE’s 12SL algorithms and measurements validated against thousands of records and hundreds of peer-reviewed studies.2

Launch from the EMR with a single click.
45-minute ECG capture down to 10 minutes3
MUSE NX eliminates a common workflow holdup — leaving one tool to work in another.

Compare current and previous ECG records on one screen.
MUSE NX gives caregivers complete access to a patient’s cardiology record through a single access point.

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