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Store, manage, process and analyze your organization's information

What is Therefore™?

Whether you import and integrate, share and compare, store and retrieve, or distribute and print documents, Therefore™ gives you and your employees the opportunity to access and work with needed information in an easy and quick way.

Therefore™ revolutionizes the way information is managed and shared in your business. No more missing information. No wasting time looking for documents. Just fast, efficient information flow that gives you a productive business edge.

Watch how Therefore can help your business!

Therefore™ eForms

E-forms are versatile, mobile-friendly, and dynamic forms that can be used for all kinds of business processes, within or outside of, the company. They are easily configured using our drag and drop e-form builder and can be customized using HTML, JavaScript, and more. 

Best of all, this powerful feature is included at no additional cost in all Therefore versions, and can even be used by users outside of the company who do not have a Therefore user account.

Therefore™ Workflow

Workflow is one of the most powerful tools in Therefore™. A Workflow is defined as a digital business process. Workflow allows you to automate common business processes, save time, increase accuracy, and free up employees’ valuable resources for more fulfilling tasks, among many other benefits. 

Basically, when using Therefore™ workflow, you can replace manual, paper based processes with streamlined, digital processes instead. Workflows can help ensure employees remember to do their tasks, do their tasks accurately and on time, and it provides a full audit trail, which is useful for reporting or audit purposes.

Therefore has an incredible powerful yet flexible Workflow engine. Most customers see immediate results after implementing workflow. With Therefore™ Workflow, it’s clear where a document is in the process at any time, whose job it is, and how long the process takes.  


Cutting-edge features and an engaging user experience make Therefore™ stand out from the crowd.


Information management software has revolutionized the way businesses capture and manage documents.

Case Management

Streamlining and automating the management of complex cases and projects is very important for many industries.


The only way to deal with this data is by implementing advanced information management solutions that enable you to capture, store, process, and analyze data effectively.


collaboration tools in Therefore™ help companies of all sizes work more efficiently.


With the ability to create, submit, and process forms electronically, organizations can significantly reduce the time and costs associated with manual paperwork.


Email is an indispensable communication tool for business.


eSignatures can simplify and expedite document signing processes while increasing security and reducing paper waste.


In the world of big data, integration helps you bridge the gap.


Flexibility and reactivity are critical for businesses in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing environment.


A customer portal provides several benefits for businesses, such as improving customer engagement, enhancing customer experience, reducing support costs, and increasing customer retention.


Businesses and organizations that fail to embrace data-driven decision making risk falling behind their competitors.


Scalability is a key factor in ensuring the long-term success of your information management solution.


Ensuring your information is secure is a core tenet of Therefore™ software.


Automating workflows with information management solutions can provide a range of benefits to organizations, including improved efficiency, compliance, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making.

Document Search

Therefore™ offers a wide variety of options for finding documents saved in the system.

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