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Edison™ Datalogue™ (VNA)

How are you managing your data?

Access, view and share data and images from across the care delivery network anywhere, anytime.¹ Open platform, security and collaboration are all foundational components of the world’s number one² Vendor Neutral Archive market share leader, Edison Datalogue³.

  • Consolidate images from multiple systems for rapid retrieval and display of patients’ full imaging history
  • Standards-based & vendor agnostic
  • Multi-site, multi-ology: Store clinical content from DICOM & non-DICOM systems
  • Image-enable your EMR: Location agnostic multi-ology information access
  • Capture & enter visible light images directly from mobile devices
  • Deliver proven scalability for large enterprises
  • Stream directly to Centricity Universal Viewer ZFP

Holistic, 360° view

Enables a holistic, 360˚ view of the complete patient record

Secure, vendor neutral

Promote uninterrupted workflow across the existing care delivery network

Actionable insights

Provides actionable insights from the enterprise enabling decision making

High quality data

Ensures data quality to enable the evolution of your infrastructure


GE Healthcare Edison Datalogue Solution

Edison™ Datalogue solution serves as the foundation for your enterprise imaging and data strategy by providing, multi-media image access, image capture and documentation, and enterprise imaging data analytics tools to bring together clinically relevant data needed to enhance timely patient care at the bedside.

GE Healthcare Edison Datalogue Interoperability

GE Healthcare’s Edison™ Datalogue solution is the world’s most interoperable Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), with over 50 tested IHE interoperability profiles. This makes it possible to share and interact with virtually any enterprise or community archive. Move beyond archives that only support the DICOM standard—with full support for a wide range of interoperability standards, including IHE-XDS, HL7, and IMPI.

GE Healthcare Edison Datalogue Mobility

The nurse can open the wound up, take any pictures and record what they need to, upload it directly from their phone so it can go right into the patient’s record and be available rapidly so that the next person can see exactly what the wound looks like.

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