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Access Your Personal Health Data from Any Device – Anywhere

We believe in putting your health in your hands. With our innovative web-based patient portal software, you can take control of your well-being with ease. Imagine a world where accessing personalized health information is as simple as a few clicks. Welcome to Nxtgate Patient Portal – transforming healthcare management into a user-friendly, empowering experience.


Workflow-Driven Data Availability

Examination statuses and report availability are driven by workflow outcomes within the department. In other words, availability of information and images is automated as the workflow progresses within the department – no extra manual steps or interventions are required

Empowering the Patient

Information availability empowers the patient. As patient becomes more informed, the level of trusts and engagements improve. The Patient Portal is a gateway for the patient to take charge of their information and health.

Catering to the Digital Patient

The patient is a regular consumer in a rapidly moving digital age. The patient lives a digital lifestyle in which broader aspects of daily activities are surrounded with digital solutions such as online banking etc. The patient portal is a first step in patient engagement as part of digital lifestyle.

Bi-directional Multi-data Format Communication between Patient and Care Provider

1. Patient uploads data from home or anywhere. e.g.

  • rashes on skin
  • recorded video clip of discomfort
  • 2nd opinion of radiology report

2. Staff at hospital reviews uploaded data e.g.

  • Call patient to provide advice
  • Makes appointment with right clinical expertise
  • Provide online feedback to patient


Responsive Communication

Actionable Communication

Extending Reach

With its extended capability, the Patient Portal enables the patient to communicate various data types to the healthcare facility. The true value of such communication is with the possibility to build various use cases to better serve the patient.

Communication from the patient can be reviewed by qualified front line medical staff, who can better decide on the next course of actions and advice for the patient.   

The patient shouldn’t be defined as one who visits the hospital. The context can be extended when the patient is away from the hospital. Serving the patient does not need to be constraint to the four walls of the physical compound

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