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The Health IT Academy is an HL7 Philippines initiative geared towards education and dissemination of various Healthcare Information Technology concepts, discussions, research and general education in order to speed up the adoption of various Healthcare Enterprises in the Philippine market.

Various Health IT concepts from Operating Room, Radiology and Pharmacy shall be the main focus of the program that will enhance the general concepts of Integration, Interoperability and Migration of various medical data sets with the aim educating Health IT Professionals, Medical Doctors and Medical Informaticians the value of these technologies in their own institutions.

Lectures shall be conducted by leading Medical Informatics specialists, Original Equipment Manufacturers and other Health IT luminaries from the Philippines, US, Europe and Singapore.

The program includes the following:

– Picture Archiving and Communication Systems

– Electronic Medical Record

– Electronic Health Record

– Barcoding Technologies in Healthcare

– Cloud Computing in Healthcare

– Administration and Policies in Healthcare IT

Schedules of events and programs shall be announced in this website.



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