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Codonics Horizon Printer

Horizon is three imagers in one – a dry film imager, color imager, and grayscale paper imager. Switching between film, color and paper requires no operator intervention. The all-in-one imager is an enormous breakthrough in performance, cost and quality for healthcare facilities. The Horizon’s ultra-compact footprint easily allows it to be placed on a desk, counter, or in mobile applications. Requiring less than two feet of desk space and weighing less than 70 pounds, Horizon delivers superior diagnostic quality images and unmatched versatility. Its multiple media features make Horizon the ideal choice for different modalities, or a multiple modality department. Codonics have a different model based on what hospital requirement.

Codonics Virtua Disc Publisher

Virtua’s compact design features an advanced embedded processor, robotic disc handling and a user-friendly touch screen interface that optimizes workflow and productivity. The built-in printer produces brilliant, full-color disc labels that include patient demographics and the facility’s address and logo for marketing. Customers can create their own custom labels or use Codonics disc label design service offered exclusively to our customers.

  • Automatically records patient studies without tying up your workstation or employee resources
  • On-demand disc creation and labeling directly from modality workstations.
  • Studies can be conveniently viewed from disc on a workstation using one or more DICOM viewers, specialized viewers and / or custom OEM viewers.
  • HL7 and DICOM Structured Reports can be received and matched to a patient’s study allowing the recording of both the report and study together on the same disc.
  • Intuitive touchscreen turns novices into experts in minutes
  • User interface is available in multiple languages
  • Scheduled Archive automatically records all studies to disc for backup/disaster recovery. It also records a complete history of all archive activities on each disc.

Codonics Safe Label System ( SLS )

Problems associated with mislabeling and mishandling of medications continue to adversely affect hospitals and surgical facilities. Drug labeling requires time and vigilance, and is prone to human error. For example, in the OR, anesthetists are met with competing demands, coupled with the challenge to handwrite the required drug information in a legible manner on a very small area. SLS uses barcode technology to read information from drug containers and empowers you to label any medication, anywhere in your facility, with a compliant label.


Codonics SLS Safe Label System is a complete solution for safe, compliant, fast labeling of medication in the operating room, or anywhere syringes are prepared. This innovative system improves the syringe preparation workflow by automatically printing ASA (American Society of Anesthesiologists) compliant full-color labels containing all TJC (The Joint Commission) required elements while the syringe is being filled. Simply scan a vial and SLS provides both visual and audible confirmation of the medication name and strength (concentration), and automatically prints the ready-to-apply label. Each label includes a configurable data-rich barcode that can be used to integrate into the Anesthesiology Information Management System (AIMS) or a broader hospital information system.

Codonics DR Retrofit

Convert existing analog XRay to Digital. Our digital, wireless detector seamlessly converts your existing analog or CR x-ray equipment to a highly reliable DR system. Our retrofit bundle includes an innovative mobile cassette detector with a versatile dry imager or medical disc publisher to provide you with a solution that delivers lower dose, faster imaging, unparalleled reliability and superior image quality — at an incredibly affordable price. Robust and versatile, you can be assured of optimal acquisitions from the largest patient or the least powerful mobile system with our superior trigger sensitivity. No matter where you need to use the cassette, our innovative pocket handle1 enables you to quickly and safety move it anywhere. Let us help you customize a DR solution that fits your needs and your budget.