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With increasingly demanding radiology workflows, DR technology offers many advantages, and going from analog to digital is easier than you might think. A wireless detector, battery, mini PACS software, and a robust console readies you for installation. You’ll immediately begin saving time, space and money while greatly improving the patient experience and your workflow.

Codonics DR  Panel Retrofit


Convert existing analog X Ray to Digital. Our digital, wireless detector seamlessly converts your existing analog or CR x-ray equipment to a highly reliable DR system. Our retrofit bundle includes an innovative mobile cassette detector with a versatile dry imager or medical disc publisher to provide you with a solution that delivers lower dose, faster imaging, unparalleled reliability and superior image quality — at an incredibly affordable price. Robust and versatile, you can be assured of optimal acquisitions from the largest patient or the least powerful mobile system with our superior trigger sensitivity. No matter where you need to use the cassette, our innovative pocket handle1 enables you to quickly and safety move it anywhere. Let us help you customize a DR solution that fits your needs and your budget. 

Wireless Cassettes

A retrofit solution with lower cost and easier operation, our cassettes do not require wireless cassette detectors to be calibrated when moved between different x-ray systems, boasting its own CPU. Easy to handle, our wireless cassettes can be connected to any mobile device or Windows system without any additional Access Point (AP) or router for easy deployment. A single flat panel detector can feed a mobile x-ray machine and a fixed one, so you can use our wireless cassette detector in a fixed x-ray room then remove it and use it on a mobile x-ray with ease.

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