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Nexxis workspot 

Offering one big view of all information as well as flexible layouts, Nexxis WorkSpot has been designed to improve teamwork and reduce clutter and complexity in the interventional control room. It brings together all imaging sources on a single display, managed by a single keyboard and mouse. The software enables clinical staff to manage up to 6 sources or applications from one integrated display. No need for separate displays or keyboards and mice. The intuitive interface allows you to manage source selection and define preset configurations. Result? Higher efficiency and more flexibility in the interventional suite and for general surgery.


BEFORE NEXXIS: Multiple Workstation, Keyboard and Mouse challenges operational efficiency and Patient Safety in the control room


AFTER NEXXIS INSTALLATION: Single Workstation, Keyboard and Mouse is only required to manipulate ALL workstations seen from traditional control room set up allowing increased confidence, comfortability and control for Patient’s Safety

Control room solution for interventional surgery

  • Centralized view of all information
  • Simplifies interventional workflow
  • Manage upto 6 sources (PACS, 3D workstation, Live Cathlab Views, Electro Physiology, EMR etc.)